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Modesto's only Integrative Health facility

Valley Wellness Center differs from conventional medical providers. We believe that the secret to maximizing health lies in integrative, holistic solutions which address every facet of a patient's life, from mainstream medical concerns to scientifically proven alternative therapies and lifestyle optimizations. This complete approach to patient health means that we are not mired in simply treating the symptoms of a condition, but instead are focused on delivering a fully realized treatment which marries every aspect of good health with individual patient needs and goals.

We help our patients realize their best quality of life, prevent many degenerative diseases which rob them of their vitality and empower them to recapture the energy and vigor of youth.

Our health services include:

Whatever your health goal, we can tailor our programs to perfectly meet your individual needs.

Start on the path to realizing your optimal level of health today. Contact Valley Wellness to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Lisa.

Upcoming Workshops

Designs for Health - Detox and Upgrade your eating regimen

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 5:30pm

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A Future of Wellness Starts Today

Whether you choose to improve your health by getting more exercise, eating right or seeking treatment from Dr. Lisa Hunt, your future wellness begins when you choose to start improving your health today. Contact us to schedule your personal consultation and start on the path to complete wellness.

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